D-12000: Transistor Controlled Super Plasma Cutting Machine
• High Speed Cutting (Cutting of a 16 mm plate 4 times faster)
• Surface finish resembles those which are produced by gas cutting
• The new Cooling System design allows parts change without fluid leakage
• Operating Area increased 9 times
• Higher benefit, better security
• Max. cutting capacity: up to 60 mm


ModelSuper Plasma D-12000
Cutting power sourceModelTRC-121
Input voltageVIndicate input voltage when ordering
Rated frequencyHz50 / 60
Rated inputkVA28.3 (27.5KW)
Rated output currentA120
Rated output voltageV200
Output current rangeA30~120
Rated duty cycle%100
Dimensions (W x D x H)mm450x780x775 (18×31.2x31in)
Cutting torchModelCTW(M) (L)-1201CTPW (M) (L)-1201
CTZW(M) (L)-1201
Rated currentA120
Rated duty cycle%100
Cooling SystemWater-cooled
Cable lengthm10 *¹(20) *¹(30)
Using gasCompressed air
Shape of cutting torchShort handle typeStraight type
Long handle type
Air unit1
Hose band1
Pilot lamp1
Base metal cable                        1.5m (5ft)1
Glass enclosed fuse                    10A1
Glass enclosed fuse                    0.2A1
Bolt for input cable                    M63
Bolt for output terminal           M8-201
Grounding cable                         2m (6.6ft)1
Cartridge fuse                             C-32
Shield cup                                      H839G021
Tip                                                   H839G034
Electrode                                      H839M004
Wrench                                          H758H011
*¹ Torch guide                               H775G001