Maximum speed Robot for Handling with low payloads: FD-H5(H)

The FD Robot series for Production and Handling applications have several advantages: They fulfill their functions at high speed and accuracy.They are suitable for Grinding and Milling. Also applications like Palletizing and Spraying are possible. The total highspeed automation enables a significant increase of productivity.

Reduced rear interference radius: increased space in the area of the hinge

Avoiding collisions: interference detection sensitivity improved (compared to previous model)

Built-in cable storage: optimally protected, neat cable layout preventing cable from getting caught during robot operation

Number of Axes<
Maximum Capacity5 kg
Positional Repeatable±0.05 mm (note1)
Driving Capacity1440 W
Working RangeArmJ1 (Rotation)±170°
J2 (Lower Arms)125° to +90°
J3 (Upper Arms)□140° to +245°
WristJ4 (Swing)±190°
J5 (Bending)□30° to +210°
J6 (Twist)±360°
Maximum SpeedArmJ1 (Rotation)3.49 rad/s {200°/s} (2.79 rad/s {160°/s}) (Note 2)
J2 (Lower Arms)3.49 rad/s {200°/s}
J3 (Upper Arms)4.54 rad/s {260°/s}
WristJ4 (Swing)6.63 rad/s {380°/s}
J5 (Bending)6.63 rad/s {380°/s}
J6 (Twist)8.95 rad/s {510°/s}
Wrist Allowable LoadAllowable MomentJ4 (Swing)11.9 N·m
J5 (Bending)11.9 N·m
J6 (Twist)5.21 N·m
Allowable Moment of InertiaJ4 (Swing)0.303 kg·m²
J5 (Bending)0.303 kg·m²
J6 (Twist)0.061 kg·m²
Arm Cross sectional Area1.22 m² x 340°
Environmental Conditions<
Mass ( weight )58 kg
Maximum Load of Upper Arm1 kg
Installation MethodFloor-/Ceiling-/Wall-mounted
Paint ColorWhite (Munsell notation 10GY 9/1)