High welding quality and high efficiency for mild steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy with DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG and DC Stick as standard modes.


Model NameMR315T
Model NumberMRHP-315
Rated input voltageIndicate primary voltage when ordering
Rated frequency50/60 Hz
Rated input power16kVA (10kW)
Rated output current315A
Crater fill / initial current range5-315A
Pulse / Base current range5-315A
Rated output voltage22.6V(32.6V at Stick welding)
Max, open circuit voltage57 V
Rated duty cycle40%
Down-slope time0.1-5sec
Up-slope time0.1-5sec
Gas pre-flow time0.3/0.6sec
Gas after-flow time3-20sec
Crater fill controlON/OFF/Repeat
Pulse ratio15-85%
Pulse frequency0.5-15 Hz
Dimentions (WxDxH)348mm x 592mm x 642mm
Bolt, Nut, WasherM53 seton input terminal
Bolt, Nut, WasherM101 setfor output terminal –
BoltM8-M201for output terminal +
welding Power SourceMRHP-315
TIG TorchAW-18 (4m)included torch switch (K1108A00)
Cable & HoseBAB-350Power cable/gas hose/water hose etc.